use of anavar in bodybuilding

Use Of Anavar In Bodybuilding

Anavar bodybuilding is an amino acid compound belonging to the group of essential. Their proportion in the muscle tissue is of the order of 35 percent. From this we can conclude that high values of these substances for the organism of athletes. From other steroid Oxandrolone differ in the presence of a branched chain, which is actually reflected in their name. This complex of chemicals consists of three components: the leucine, isoleucine and valine.

Anavar cycle is involved in all metabolic processes and is used by the body to create new muscle tissues. Since they can be synthesized, for their entry into the body uses food and food supplements.

The Beneficial Effects Of Anavar For Bodybuilding

During the training, athletes have to work with large weights, which implies a huge physical load. At some point, when working with weights in the body there is a lack of oxygen, and fats can no longer be used as a source of energy. ATP and creatine phosphate are also depleted by this time. The only source of energy at such moments is Oxandrolone.

In addition, Oxandrolone is used by the body for the synthesis of alanine and glutamine. These substances are also necessary during training. We have already said that muscle tissue contains more than 30 percent of Oxandrolone from the total number of amino acid compounds.

This is the main reason that these amino acid compounds are the main material for the construction of proteins, from which new tissues are then created. If the body is not exposed to intense physical activity, it is sufficient to take only Winstrol to provide the necessary amino acids. However, amino acid compounds are consumed quickly during the session, which necessitates the use of Oxandrolone supplements.

Glutamine is used by the body for the production of protein compounds, promotes a shift in the focus of nitrogen balance towards anabolism, and also accelerates the production of somatotropin. During high-intensity training, glutamine supply is rapidly depleted, and only Anavar can remedy the situation. Note the main Anavar cycle effects:

  • Protect muscle tissue from destruction;
  • Accelerate the set of high-quality muscle mass;
  • Contribute to the acceleration of lipolysis;
  • Increase physical characteristics of the athlete;
  • Enhance the effectiveness of various sports supplements.

Food Supply

We have already noted the fact that Anavar results cannot be synthesized in the body. For this reason, athletes should ensure the supply of the necessary dosages of these substances to the body with the help of special additives and products.

The greatest number of these amino acid compounds found in peanuts. Unfortunately, this product is poor in protein compounds. Slightly less Anavar contains chicken breast and meat. Among other things, these products also contain a lot of proteins, which makes their main suppliers of Oxandrolone to the body.

Thanks to numerous studies, it was found that athletes need to consume about three grams of Oxandrolone during the day. This makes it possible to achieve the maximum rate of synthesis of protein compounds. For this reason, during the day you need to consume about 10 mg of foods rich in Oxandrolone. At the same time you need to pay attention to the total caloric intake. In case of insufficient consumption of Oxandrolone with the help of food, it is necessary to use food additives.

anavar bodybuilding

How Does Anavar Bodybuilding Work?

To date, the effects of Anavar cycle on athletes have been studied as well as glutamine or creatine. Not many sports supplements can “boast” such an extensive evidence base as amino acid compounds with a branched chain.

It is known that fatty acids act as one of the main regulators of metabolic processes Anavar for men. During intensive training, the body’s need for amino acids increases significantly. When used Anavar for men before the training and after its completion accelerates the synthesis of protein compounds and prevents tissue destruction.

If the bodybuilder takes with Winstrol additionally and Anavar (especially leucine), it is possible to significantly increase the increase in quality weight, improve physical performance, accelerate lipolysis, and reduce muscle proteolysis. Also, scientists have found that with a sufficient concentration of Anavar for men in the body there is an increase in the anabolic background.

It was found that amino acid compounds with branched chains contribute to the expression of leptin genes in adipose tissue. Leptin is a very complex hormone, the main function of which is the regulation of metabolic processes in the body.

The rate of leptin synthesis is directly related to the amount of fat mass. The more fat is contained in the body, the more active the body produces this hormone. During the drying cycle using the appropriate nutrition program, leptin synthesis is reduced, which leads to a slowdown in metabolism. The body thus tries to maintain body weight.

This fact is the main reason that many athletes even with a significant reduction in the caloric content of their diet and under the influence of intensive training can not get rid of excess weight. Help in this can Anavar, and more specifically leucine. This amino acid compound is able to mislead the body, giving it to understand that a large amount of calories is consumed. This leads to an acceleration of leptin synthesis and, as a consequence – to an acceleration of lipolysis.

How To Take Anavar Cycle In Bodybuilding?

During the weight gain cycle, athletes should consume Anavar cycle before training and immediately after its completion. The best option for this is to prepare a cocktail that contains Oxandrolone and a couple of spoons of sugar. Thanks to this, the body will be provided not only with amino acid compounds, but also with carbohydrates and liquid. With the use of dietary supplements containing Oxandrolone immediately after awakening, the athlete will be able to significantly slow down the catabolic processes. It is very useful to use liquid Oxandrolone and during exercise.

During the weight loss cycle, the optimal time to receive amino acid compounds is the same time as when gaining weight. In addition, a great effect can be achieved if you eat supplements and between meals. This will reduce the catabolic background caused by the lack of food. Will also take Oxandrolone during this period, it is possible to combine with Winstrol.

During the studies it was found that the optimal Oxandrolone dosage for bodybuilders is a dose of 4 to 8 grams at a time. During the day, you can use additives from one to three times. This scheme will be effective both in weight loss and weight gain.

You can use smaller dosages, but they can not cover all the needs of the body. Take Anavar bodybuilding can be unlimited time, without pausing between receptions, as well as without resorting to cycling. Note that Anavar can be used in combination with Winstrol, creatine and other sports supplements.

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