what is trenbolone

What Is Trenbolone?

Trenbolone is a powerful anabolic steroid previously used in veterinary medicine with the aim of increasing muscle mass and appetite of cattle. To increase the duration of the substance is not used in its original form, usually used esterified derivatives: Acetate (with the lowest duration of action), Enanthate and Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. After injection into the muscle, […]

testosterone cypionate side effects

What Are The Side Effects Of Testosterone Cypionate?

Testosterone Cypionate is an anabolic steroid that can often be found in various effective combinations and cycles, but it is not always possible to get all the relevant information about this drug. Our task is to disclose that the administration of Testosterone Cypionate is possible without side effects. Of course, they all have their opposition, […]

testosterone cypionate cycle

How To Cycle Testosterone Cypionate?

Testosterone Cypionate is a steroid of pronounced anabolic action, which is the longest testosterone ester available. It was developed and released in the 1950s in the United States and is still very popular. Its initial purpose was for medical purposes for the treatment of breast cancer. Appearing on the market, Testosterone Cypionate cycle quickly gained […]

testosterone cypionate results

How To Get Best Results From Testosterone Cypionate?

Testosterone Cypionate is one of the longest esters of testosterone available today. Its half-life in the body is approximately 15 to 16 days (half-life 6-8 days). The drug is available in the form of an oil solution. Because it acts for such a long period of time, it can cause water retention to a greater […]

boldenone for sale

Boldenone For Sale – Five Important Things You Have to Know About It

Boldenone (a medical definition for Equipoise or Boldenone undecylenate in medical wiki) was to be a form of actually a long-acting injectable Dianabol (Metandienone or Methandrostenolone). This article will share a light on some side effects of medical Boldenone and how industry of sale of Boldenone actually works. Boldenone is basically the same hormone as […]

Tips on Your Nutrition and Rest When Cycling

Tips on Your Nutrition and Rest When Cycling

This is a good article for my girl to write. She is my nutritionist and knows much more than I do about this subject and even has better discipline when it come to, hell, just about everything. So, without a do, here she is: A little bit about myself: I am 41 years old and […]

Tips on Training When Cycling

Tips on Training When Cycling

In this article I’m going to go over some different training techniques I use depending on what I’m trying to do at that time. I will let you know whether my goal is weight gain, quality muscle gain, cutting or drying out the muscles. To have an open mind on this subject is important. For […]

Steroids from a Woman’s Point of View

Steroids from a Woman’s Point of View

This is another article that I just going to have the wife write. She has much knowledge and experience on the subject. Wouldn’t you girls out there thinking of using steroids rather hear this information come from one of the same sex. Only makes sense, right? To take steroids or not to take steroids? That […]

Tips for First Steroid Cycle and Common Mistakes

Tips for First Steroid Cycle and Common Mistakes

In this article I’m going to speak about some of the tips I received from my uncle before my first cycle of steroids. I will also go over some mistakes that I made in the beginning and I’ll tell you about the common mistakes that I see friends and others make often. Please keep in […]

Steroids and Your Goals

Steroids and Your Goals

Your goals may not be the same as the next person (male or female), so we are going to go over different individual goals that people have when taking steroids. These goals depend on what the athlete wants at the current point in time and also what body type they like best. Once again, I’m […]

How To Decide If You Should Use Steroids Or Not?

How To Decide If You Should Use Steroids Or Not?

There are a few things to consider before making the choice to use anabolic steroids. First, see if you hit your plateau with the body naturally yet. To do this you need at least a full year working out hard and if you hit that point, only then, you should choose in favor of taking […]

our editor march 2019 newsletter

Our Editor March 2019 newsletter

Every business goes social nowadays. People want to know whom they are dealing with. It’s always nice to know that if you have a question or concern there is someone who can be contacted. And we decided to share some info about our team and our business and thus become more user-friendly for our customers. […]

What Testosterone Is Better For Building Muscle Mass In Bodybuilding?

What Testosterone Is Better For Building Muscle Mass In Bodybuilding?

Hormonal background is important for the health of the whole organism, and experienced and novice athletes know that it is the level of muscle mass that depends on its level, its quality, as well as a decrease in the volume of subcutaneous tissue. So, the higher the blood level of the male androgen testosterone, the […]

Testosterone Solo Cycle - For Those Who Want To Be Stronger

Testosterone Solo Cycle – For Those Who Want To Be Stronger

Today, various testosterone derivatives are in free implementation, in other words, androgenic- anabolic steroids (AAS). This group of drugs is recommended for building muscle and increasing strength. But the accounts do not discount and Oba-screw testosterone tablets and injections. Detailed information about the cycle application, the mechanisms of action on the body of athletes and […]

Testosterone and Its Esters

Testosterone and Its Esters

The concept of “pure” hormone products implies a suspension of a substance that dissolves in the body in a short period of time under the influence of certain factors. However, the suspension has a number of negative factors, in particular, serious side effects on the body and rapid decay. A good alternative to the use […]

Recommendations on The Choice of PCT After a Cycle of Testosterone

Recommendations on The Choice of PCT After a Cycle of Testosterone

To obtain the maximum possible efficiency from testosterone and to minimize possible complications against the background of its administration, it is not enough to develop a cycle use plan. It is advisable to supplement the PCT with auxiliary means. Some drugs must be combined with steroid substances, and the others start after the completion of […]

injectable steroids

Buy injectable steroids in US

Now injectable steroids are in high demand. With their help, the athlete has the opportunity to significantly improve their athletic performance, get a beautiful body and succeed. Basically, steroids are used to increase the volume of muscle mass, which cause the active growth of muscle fiber. Anabolic steroids are available in several forms, but more […]

steroids for sale

Steroids For Sale

Steroids (aka anabolic steroids, or AAS) are drugs that are obtained by the synthesis of testosterone, a male hormone. These are pills or injections. Their action has a dual effect: the strengthening of metabolic processes and at the same time slowing the collapse of complex substances of organic nature. Use of anabolic steroids stimulates the […]

oral steroids

Oral Steroids for Sale US

With such a concept as oral steroids everyone is familiar. In connection with the development of such areas as bodybuilding, sports pharmacology has become particularly popular. Admission of such drugs is carried out by professional athletes, as beginners are advised to refrain from them until they reach their limit, determined genetically. Basically, oral steroids are […]

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